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How To Schedule Posts Publishing On Instagram

If you are spending your time a lot on social media, and you are a content creator, then you probably already know how difficult it is to take out your phone, open the Instagram app, take and then upload a photo, and write a caption and publish a post. It basically disrupts your workflow every day. But posting regularly is essential on Instagram if you are a content creator. We are here to tell you how to schedule and automate Instagram posts in no time.

How To Schedule Posts Publishing On Instagram

Create content, but in bulk, instead of normal

If you know how many times you need to post to optimize growth, then it means that you already know how many posts and videos you need to post per week. To use this ability to automate your posts, perhaps you might want to create the content in bulk, instead of every day before you post. This will save you a lot of time, and it’s actually more efficient than you might tend to believe. Try to shoot all the photos at once on a single day. This way, you won’t spend time every day in order to see what picture you should take.

How to upload your content

After you have all the content that you need, then you will have to upload it to Onlypult. You need to sign up, and then link your Instagram account. From there, use your dashboard. You need to click on “Add Post.” Around the center of the page, there is the “Add Media” box. You will upload an image (or multiple images) there, and your post is already created.

After you choose the images and they are uploaded there, they will appear next to an empty text field. For now, just write your caption there. Also, don’t forget to use hashtags. You can also cut the photos and tag someone in them, and even set that date and time when you want the post to appear on your account.

How to write a caption

For every single post, there’s a photo on the left, with its Description tab, and the First Comments tabs on the right. To write your caption, you just need to click on the Description tab and just write it there.

How in include hashtags in the first comment

Onlypult is one of the few post automation services out there, which comes with the First Comment functionality. The app includes your hashtags in your first comment. To do so, you just need to click on the First Comment tab, and then copy and paste your hashtags.

How to schedule the post

After, you need to get back on the dashboard of your Instagram and click the Select Date and Time tab. This is where you will be able to schedule the exact date and time your post gets published on Instagram. Then, you will just need to hit the Save button, and that’s all.

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