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How to Save WhatsApp Status Images on Smartphones

WhatsApp is, without a doubt, one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, with more than two billion active accounts and hundreds of millions of users each day.

WhatsApp is the most popular app at the moment

The success of the app stems from a long stream of updates that have brought a rich selection of new features. A major boon for the users is represented by the fact that Facebook has acquired the developer behind the app. While in the past, users had to pay a minor tax to continue to use the app after the first year, it is now available for free.

Facebook has also encouraged the WhatsApp developers to add popular features from other apps offered by the company. Many users enjoy the ability to shares photos, videos, voice messages, and different types of files in a seamless manner.

Status functions is an excellent feature in WhatsApp

One of the biggest and most popular changes is represented by the ability to share your status in a fashion similar to Facebook stories. The feature offers the ability to upload images, short videos, and texts that remain available for 24 hours. When the period expires, the content will disappear into thin air.

How to save WhatsApp statuses on your smartphone

In some cases, you may want to save some of the images shared by your friends. Use the methods found below to perform the task:


Open the status of interest and press the power down and volume key on your Android device to take a screenshot. The same task can be performed on a newer device with a swipe-down with three fingers. On iPhones, you will have to press the power button and Home button at the same time.

Third-party apps

Story Saver for WhatsApp, All Status Saver, and Save WhatsApp are only a few of the apps that offer the ability to save statuses. Download the apps, install them, and select the desired statuses. They will be saved automatically and can be accessed from the gallery.


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