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How to Save on Battery Life on Honor 20

Huawei‘s sub-brand Honor is a respected tech company that makes powerful mobile devices, as per numerous reports. The Honor 20 is especially an impressive smartphone that packs a great display, specs, and an outstanding design.

One of the most significant parts in a device is the battery; Honor 20’s battery is a 3,650 mAh Lithium-Polymer one, so it offers a good amount of life between chargings. However, if you want to optimize the usage, there are a few ways to do so by changing a few settings.

Optimize Battery Usage in the Settings

In order to enhance the battery life on any device, owners can adjust the brightness, display, notifications, and so on. However, a great place to start is the ‘Battery’ section in the settings menu. This segment helps you learn more about the power consumption of the battery on your device.

Simply tap on the option and you will get two options: hardware and software. You can check the hardware section to see the usage since the last full charge, as well as the hours and minutes of the life the battery has. The software segment will show you the top five apps that consume the most battery life.

The ‘Battery Usage’ section also showcases the top apps that consume the biggest amount of battery, and the ‘App Launch’ option details how apps launch and run on the device. There is the ‘Manage all automatically’ option in this segment that will help you save large amounts of battery life.

Use the Device’s Modes

Still in the ‘Battery’ section, there is a ‘Performance mode,’ which should stay disabled at all times if you want to save on battery life. Once this option is turned on, the settings on your device automatically optimized to offer you the best possible performance, which will make the battery drop at an incredible rate.

Honor 20 also has two distinct power-saving modes. One of them is the ‘Power-Saving Mode’ that limits the background activity, the system sounds, and diminishes the visual effects. This way, the battery life lasts longer. The ‘Ultra Power-Saving Mode’ is even more extreme, allowing only a handful of apps to run on the device.

Another feature you can use on Honor 20 is the ‘Optimise Battery’ option, which performs a quick scan and suggests you to optimize a few apps or other functions in order to get more battery life.


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