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How to Record WhatsApp Video Calls on Android

Recording a video call on WhatsApp might be useful if you want to interview someone. And, if you have an Android smartphone, there are some easy tips and tricks to follow. Remember that in some regions, case law allows a phone conversation to be recorded as a possible piece of evidence.

You must inform the other person of the recording of the conversation and obtain an agreement. Of course, not in every case, it’s about a legal situation. Feel free to record any video call you want by following the next method.

Record Video Calls in WhatsApp With an App

Recording WhatsApp video calls has never been so easier. First, you need to install an app. Unfortunately, Android doesn’t come with the record of the screen (with sound) features. So, we’ll have to install an app. Even if some manufacturers natively provides such an option. Huawei, for example, allows you to record the screen activity.

Open Google Play Store and search for the MNML Screen Recorder app. The app is available for free. Open MNML Screen Recorder and tap on the three dots at the top right and go to Settings. Select Recording and enable Record Audio.

Return to the MNML app and tap on Record at the bottom right. You will notice a three-second counter appears before the recording of the screen (with sound). You’ll also get a warning message to inform you that the app will record all the things displayed on the screen. You must confirm, and the recording will begin.

Open WhatsApp and video call whoever you want. Once you end the conversation, tap on the stop button fro the quick notification bar. You can also open the MNML Screen Recorder app and select Stop from the bottom right. You’ll find your video call recorded, and you can choose to share it with your friends!


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