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How to Play YouTube Videos In Background on Android Using VLC App

YouTube may be filled with cute dog or cat videos, interesting DIY projects, fail compilations, news, science, and other content, but a lot of people still use YouTube as a music streaming service.

As one of the many people that have a massive amount of videos saved, liked and added to their watch list, I always hated that YouTube stopped working when you locked your smartphone or minimized the app. While YouTube offers a background playback option, it is a premium feature not many are willing to pay for.

Here’s where Redditor u/Comboxer came to help us play almost all YouTube videos without paying for the feature or using shady apps.

You only need to install the VLC media player for Android and follow some simple steps!

Play YouTube in the Background With VLC Media Player on Android

  • Head over to Google Play and download the official VLC app
  • Open the YouTube app and choose a video to test how it plays in the background
  • Go to the “Share” tab in YouTube and choose “Play with VLC”
  • As video loads in VLC, tap on the menu in the bottom right corner (three-dots button) to open Settings
  • Choose “Play as audio” and you’re done!

The VLC app will consider the file as audio and it will continue playing in the background as the app is minimized or while your phone is locked.

To see the video again, go back into VLC to the top left corner and tap on the play button. If you press back by mistake, the video will be stopped and you will need to share it again from YouTube into the VLC app.

You can make playlists work by creating a new playlist in VLC and add the song you want to listen to from YouTube. Unfortunately for iOS users, this trick only works on Android devices.


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