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How to Play Garena Free Fire With no Internet Connection

Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games, with similar gameplay as most titles in this genre: you’re transported to an island with 49 other players, with the aim to be the last man standing.  

The in-game characters make Free Fire a unique title as they have special and interesting abilities, which change the way players strategize. The title has become the most downloaded mobile game of 2019 and received the award for ‘Best Popular Vote Game’ by Google Play Store last year as well.  

Normally, Free Fire needs an Internet connection in order to run, but we’ve discovered how to play the game without being connected to an Internet network.  

How to Play Garena Free Fire Offline  

We should note that although this trick was found to work for many players, it only runs on newer mobile devices. The information was initially posted by a Free Fire player that goes by the name of Techno Gold and enables fans to play the title while having no Internet connection.  

Here is what to do to play Free Fire offline:  

• If there is any update pending for the game, download it before proceeding to the next steps
• Set your mobile device on
‘Airplane Mode’ and dial ‘##4636##’ on it, but make sure you have a SIM card inserted
• The process will take you to a window called
• Click on the ‘Phone Information 1’ option and enable the ‘Mobile Radio Power’ section
• Tap on ‘More,’ which will make an option called
‘Enable Data Connection’ appear; select it and go to the Home screen
• You can now launch the game and play without an Internet connection

Remember, this trick may not work for older mobile phones, but feel free to try it if you’re interested in playing Garena Free Fire without being connected to an Internet network. 


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