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How to Make Money Online From Roblox 101

Roblox 101 is a fantastic platform for users to modify and generate their games. Since it was launched, Roblox supports developers and allow them to collect money. Users receive endless game chances, and they can learn how to do certain things and then earn some amount of money for them.

For example, only last year brought to users almost $100 million in revenue! So, if you think you are ready to develop a game, prepare to earn significant amounts of money. Of course, there are many ways to do that, but here are some of them that you might find useful.

How to Make Money Online From Roblox 101

Charge Some Money for Game Passes

Game passes are resembling the Downloadable Content (DLC) from PS4, Xbox One, and PC. So, you have to spend some good Robux, and then you will obtain access to stuff that turn the game more accessible or fun but aren’t needed certainly to pay for it since it’s technically free.

Sell Exclusive Stuff

In Roblox, we can sometimes gather some exclusive stuff. And if you don’t rush, and keep them for a while, you might see they turn to be the real deal. Also, you should always be careful about rare stuff appearances! As the limited tools turn available, keep them, and then sell when you notice the asking price increased very much.

Require an Entry Fee

Even if some Roblox games are free, others might require a fee for access. It is the easiest way of Monetization, which is also dubbed as Buy Access. So, consider introducing a small game entry fee, and you will succeed in gathering a significant amount of money.

The Basic Monetization

  • Soft Currency – exchange only within games;
  • ARPU (Average Revenue Per User);
  • P2P (Pay to Play);
  • P2W (Pay to Win);
  • Hard Currency – real money worth;
  • F2P (Free to Play).

And, here you go! That’s how to make money online with Roblox 101!


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