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How to Make a Minecraft Map In Just a Few Steps

Minecraft remains a juggernaut of the gaming world, attracting millions of active players each month. The popular sandbox title offers impressive freedom to do almost everything, and many players love to explore the massive wild areas that can be encountered in-game.

While this activity is fun, it is also quite easy to get lost in some biomes, especially if they are filled with a lot of vegetation. It’s a great idea to have a handy map at hand, which can be used to track objects of interest in a convenient manner. Follow the tutorial placed below, and you will learn how to make and use maps in no time.

How to Make a Minecraft Map

Obtaining the materials needed for a map

To craft, map players will need to have two ingredients in their inventory: paper and a compass. Before they get a chance to use them, players will have to gather the materials needed to produce the tools.

Paper is not hard to make, but eight sheets are needed to create a map. For the manufacturing of paper, you will need to collect sugar cane, which can be found quite easily in the proximity of lakes and rivers, with the latter being the best locations.

Place three pieces of sugar cane on a crafting table, and you will receive three sheets of paper. Repeat the process until you have enough paper.

The compass is a bit harder to make. You will have to obtain four iron ingots and a piece of Redstone dust. Redstone blocks can be found quite easily in caves, and iron can be melt into ingots with the help of a furnace. Get to a crafting table, place the items on it, and the compass is ready.

Making the map in Minecraft

Now for the final step is to place the paper and the compass on the crafting table in Minecraft, and you will receive one map. Walk around the world with the map in your inventory, and it will be filled out automatically.

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