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How to Install Regional-restricted or Incompatible Apps on Android

Android users enjoy access to a wealth of apps and games made by hard-working developers from all over the world. However, in some cases, developers may not allow users from region B to download content made for region A. This can be annoying the decision can be explained by several rights, including copyright limitations in the case of streaming services like Hulu.

As new smartphones are released, older models may not get access to older apps, which were designed with the latest hardware in mind. Or the developer does not want to troubleshoot potential bugs that may appear in the case of older devices and decides to mark it as incompatible with your device. Below you can find two handy tutorials that will teach you how to install apps that are region-locked or incompatible with your device.

Installing region-restricted apps on Android

To install region-locked apps on your device, you will have to use a reliable VPN service. There are several VPN apps on the market, each with its own pros and cons. For the purpose of this article, we will use TunnelBear.

After you install the app from the Play Store, you can start it and choose the desired region. If you pick the US, you can then go to the Play Store and download the Hulu app, which wouldn’t be available otherwise unless you live or are present in the country.

Installing incompatible apps

You can install incompatible apps by using APK Downloader. Find and copy the URL of the desired app from the Play Store by tapping on the Share button and selecting the text. Go to the APK Downloader website and paste it to download the full APK and install it on your device. Keep in mind that some apps may not work due to hardware or OS restrictions.

Important notice: While there are many APKs, it is essential to remember that these might be malicious and may come as modified apps that bring dangerous malware that could lead to unpleasant events.


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