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How to Forward Calls to Another Phone Number

​Forwarding your calls to another phone number is a practice that can be useful in certain situations. Travelers, for instance, can use this feature as they would be able to transfer the calls to a local or stationary phone number. Besides helping you avoid roaming charges, it can also be useful when you want to have a quiet getaway with no distractions.

Regardless of the reasons you have to use the call forwarding functionality, the steps it requires in order to set it up on your mobile device are simple and straightforward. Here are the guidelines that will help you implement the feature successfully on your device.

How to Set up Call Forwarding on Android

Android smartphones are not the same when it comes to the operating system, settings, and so on. The producers are almost always changing a lot the OS, and the final version of it is usually very different from phone to phone. These changes are typically most prominent in the menu and overall layout.

The reason for this short informational locution is the fact that the guidelines below might differ a bit, depending on what Android mobile device you are using, as not all smartphones have the same settings and menus. However, the differences are not huge; therefore, you can easily figure out where to go based on the steps below.

• Open the Call app on the phone
​• Tap on the three-dot menu or three-line menu button on the upper side of the screen
• ​Select ‘Settings,’ or ‘Call Settings’
• ​Find the ‘Call forwarding’ option and tap on it
• ​Multiple options will appear: ‘Always forward*,’ ‘Forward when busy**,’ Forward when unanswered***,’ and ‘Forward when unreached****’
• Choose the preferred option and type in the number you want to forward the calls to
• ​Select ‘Enable’ or ‘Turn on’ or ‘OK’

*The calls will be forwarded to the other phone number
**The calls will be transferred when you are in another call
***The calls will go to the other phone number when you do not answer a call
****The calls are all forwarded to the other number when your device is off, in airplane mode, or has no signal

You can disable the functionality any time you want by following the same steps and choosing the ‘Disable’ option when asked to input a secondary phone number.​


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