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How to Fix Windows Update Not Working Error

Isn’t it annoying when Windows requires so many updates, and they get stuck at 0%? If this is among the things that bother you, then we are here to tell you how to stop it from happening and make things work again. Keep reading this short guide on how to fix Windows Update not working error.

Stop the update service

This solution works for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. The update can stop at any stage of the installation. First, you need to press at once “Windows+R.” after that, you’ll see a dialogue box, telling you to type the name of the program, or folder, or document. You need to type in “services.msc.” then you’ll need to click OK, and you will be redirected to the list of the installed services on your Windows.

These services will be put in alphabetical order. It is quite easy to do. Scroll down until you find “Windows Update Service.”  Right-click and then select “Stop.”

Then go to the C:\ hard disk then open the “Windows” folder. Find “SoftwareDistribution.” Then delete all the content from the folder – meaning previously downloaded update files. The update gets stuck because the files have an issue with these files.

After you have deleted the old update files, you will need to return to services. Then follow the instructions of the first step. Then, right-click on the “Windows Update Service” and select “Start.” The update is supposed to work just fine.

Restart your computer

Sometimes it happens that the PC is stuck at 100%. You will have to restart your computer. First of all, you need to press the power button and hold it until the computer shuts down. Then make sure that the computer is not connected to any power supply. Then keep the power button held down for about 12 to 16 seconds. Then wait about 5 minutes to reconnect to your PC to the power supply.

Then press the button to start your computer and let the system reboot. If you see that the computer was not shut down properly, then select the option which tells you to boot your computer normally. This should solve the Windows Update error.

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