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How to Fix NordVPN Forgetting Login Credentials on Android?

NordVPN is one of the best personal virtual private networks from the web, and it’s available for numerous platforms. It comes into the form of desktop apps for Windows, Linux, and macOS, mobile apps for mobile devices running Android and iOS, as well as an app for smart TV’s that have the Android operating system.

But what can you do when the app for Android phones doesn’t let you login anymore, or it simply forgets the login data entered previously? Users have been reporting that the app forgets logins and keeps asking for the correct password at every login attempt. Nobody likes to repeat himself, including typing a login name and password, right? Here’s what you have to do to fix the problem:

Check the NordVPN account

You can simply confirm the password several times, and the app shouldn’t ask you again for it at some point. Otherwise, you can go for the usual process of retrieving the password.

Login from the official website

The app can run faulty for various reasons, but changing the password from the official website of NordVPN can solve the problem once and for all. For even more efficiency, you can also change the password so it will not contain special characters.

Also, you can opt for the age-old reset password method. This measure will make NordVPN send you a new password by email.

If no method helps you to log in to your account, you can seek help from the NordVPN support team by writing them an email where you’ll be explaining the issue. They can check other aspects like network settings, app configuration, and so on. Furthermore, they have all the reasons to do their best in helping you since NordVPN is not a free service, and the developers want to have you as a customer as long as possible.

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