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How to Fix Minecraft Crashing on Startup With These Quick Tips

If you’ve played Minecraft before, then you know that sometimes it keeps crashing on startup. But you do not need to worry, and we are here to tell you how to solve this problem.

Why is this error happening?

There are multiple reasons why this keeps happening. First of all, it might be due to bugs or errors in the game, or because of the mods. Also, the corruption of the game files, or the missing or outdated graphics card driver.

How to fix Minecraft crashing on startup

Update the game

You might solve this problem by updating the game patches. The game releases patches from time to time, alongside fixes and add-ons. If you don’t update the game, then it might crash frequently. So what you need to do is to install the patches and keep your game updated.

Restart your computer

This usually fixes all the problems out there. And it will not damage your computer. So you need to save your work, then close all you have open, including Minecraft. Then restart your computer and see if Minecraft is crashing again.

VBO Settings

VBO stands for Vertex Buffer Object, and you might want to enable it in order to increase the performance of the game. But if you do enable it, it might also mess with the game. So try to disable it.

Turn off the VBO from the Settings

Go to Settings, then Choose Video Settings. You will see some settings related to the VBO. Set it off. Then, restart your computer and open the game again.

Turn off the VBO from the Minecraft file

Press Windows + R to open the Run window. Then, type %APPDATA%\.minecraft in the box, then click OK. It will open the .minecraft folder. Find the options .txt file and click to open it. Then, find useVbo and change its value to false. Then you will need to save the file and restart your computer. Minecraft should work without any problems now.

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