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How to Fix Minecraft Crashing At Startup Issues

Minecraft is one of the most praised sandbox games ever played. Being accessible for all ages, many players create their 3D world in one of the funniest, complicated, and sometimes craziest ways. Minecraft is based on a programming language known as Java, and requires a lot of technology to work, too.

More technology, however, means more annoying issues and bugs. One of the most encountered problems so far is the crashing of the game at startup. If you’re looking for a working method of fixing such an issue, you should follow the next step-by-step tips!

How to Fix Minecraft Crashing At Startup Issues

Check If Java is Installed

As you already know, Minecraft is based and depends on Java. If you want the game to run smoothly, you must install Java on your PC. Download it from here and then install it.

Update Windows

Windows 10 get updates frequently. In case you forgot about an update, it can affect the whole system of your PC and Minecraft, too. Go to “Settings” and then choose “Update and security.” Select “Windows Update” and click on “Check for Updates” to see the latest updates. Download if any appears and install it. Finally, try starting Minecraft again.

Restart Your PC

One of the quickest methods to fix Minecraft crashing at startup issues is to restart your PC. You could be lucky enough to solve the crashing issue in only a few seconds. Access Start Menu and press the Power button. Choose Restart and wait for some seconds. After the restarting process of your PC, verify if the issue is gone by starting Minecraft.

Update the Graphics Card Driver

Sometimes corrupted or outdated graphics drivers might cause you a lot of trouble, and it could be the reason behind the Minecraft crashing at startup issues. Start by opening the Start Menu and search for “Device Manager.” From there, select “Display adapters” and right-click on Graphics drivers and click on “Update Drivers.” If there is any update for your graphics drivers, then Windows will automatically upgrade it.


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