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How to Fix Google Assistant Routines Issues

Google Assistant is continually improving with the annual updates the company releases. The AI-powered speakers, the ability to manage and control thermostats, fans, lights, and other kinds of appliances are some of the most impressive features the app comes with. One of the most amazing ones is, though, the Routine functionality; it can perform a variety of tasks with a simple command. However, some Android users reportedly said the feature doesn’t work on their device. The issue can be solved in a handful of ways we listed below.

How to Fix Google Assistants Routines


Reboot the mobile phone. Issues related to applications can be easily solved by rebooting the device.

Update the operating system

To do so, head over to ‘Settings,’ then to ‘About phone,’ and click on ‘System updates.’ Check for new updates that you did not allow to install yet, or find it in the Google Play Store and download it on your device.

Shut down other AI apps

Remove all the AI apps. Sometimes, Google Assistant can’t work correctly if other AI apps are interfering with its functions and settings. Uninstall other apps such as Amazon’s Alexa, or Microsoft’s Cortana from your smartphone.

Type the command instead of speaking it

Sometimes, this is all it takes, according to reports from some users. To do so, launch the Google Assistant, and as soon as the keyboard appears, type in the command. Typing it may speed up the process as of you don’t speak the command clearly in a loud voice, the app may not be able to pick it.

Shut down Digital Wellbeing

Disable the Digital Wellbeing app. This application can interfere with the way Google Assistant Routines functions, turning off the Digital Wellbeing app can help. If it is still not working, uninstall the app, and submit feedback to Google so that they know there is an issue.

Use the Assistant in the same language as your smartphone is set on

Installing more than two languages can lead to numerous errors while using the app. You can change the default language to the language you are using to command Google Assistant or vice-versa. But since the app is working the best in English, it is a good idea to install and use the English language to interact with it.

Set the functionality up again

If a recent update has produced issues in your device, you should delete the routine already written in the app, and set it up again. To do so, head over to ‘My Activity’ and select ‘Other Google activities.’ Delete the routine, and create a new one from scratch, tap on the profile picture and choose the tasks seen in the ‘Assistant’ tab.

Verify and reset the app permissions

The app has to have all the permissions on to function correctly. For that, go to ‘Settings’ on your device, and select the ‘Manage Apps’ tab. Search for ‘Google,’ and tap on it, then click on the ‘App permissions’ section and enable all the options.

Clear the cache and app data

To do so, head over to the ‘App permissions’ in the settings menu and tap on the ‘Clear Data’ option. The ‘Clear Cache’ and ‘Clear Data’ options will remove all the old data on the app.

Delete and re-add your Google Assistant account

Simply tap on the ‘Sync’ option after opening the settings menu and click on ‘More’ to remove the account and re-add it afterward.

The Bottom Lines

These guidelines should help you make the Google Assistant Routines work correctly. If you have any more tips on how to fix an error in the app, let us know in the comments section below.


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