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How to Fix Battery not Charging on MacBook Pro

Sometimes, even the best devices can encounter annoying issues that users do not know have a simple fix. For instance, if your battery is not charging on your MacBook Pro even though you got a MagSafe to charge the device, it can be pretty frustrating.

The light notification should be orange, but if it appears green or it doesn’t appear at all, it means the device is not charging. Another issue that’s been reported is that the light indicator is on, but the battery icon shows the device is still not charging.

If you have this problem with your MacBook Pro, here are a few tips and fixes.

How To Fix the ‘Battery Not Charging’ Issue on MacBook Pro

Check The Power Outlet

Before proceeding to more advanced steps, try to charge the device with various power outlets, or use the same outlet but charge another device on it. If the electricity in the place you are has been cut while the device was charging, unplug the MagSafe from the outlet, wait for about a minute and plug it in again.

Verify the MagSafe

Check your MagSafe – the adaptor and the cable as well. Ensure there is no impairment on either of these items. Try to use another MagSafe to charge the device, and if it is working, it means that the MagSafe is the issue.

Clean The MagSafe Port

At times, the culprit behind the battery not charging issue on the Apple device can be something that’s been stuck in the MagSafe port, such as a small object or dirt/dust. Check the port and clean it, and also clean the MagSafe adapter.

Check the Battery Health

The battery has a cycle count, and if the MacBook Pro has attained a maximum cycle figure, you need to replace it. You can verify this information by heading to the Apple menu and selecting ‘System Information.’ You will see the current cycle count and the battery condition, such as ‘Normal,’ ‘Replace Soon,’ ‘Replace Now,’ or ‘Service Battery.’

Reset the SMC

If none of the fixes mentioned above worked, reset the SMC, or System Management Controller on the device. To do so, shut down the MacBook Pro and connect the MagSafe to a power source. Press the ‘Shift’ and ‘Control,’ as well as the ‘Option’ keys at once for about four seconds. Release them and turn on the device. The reset has been performed.

Reset the Battery

If your device has a removable battery, you can simply reset the MacBook Pro by removing it. Turn off the device, and after you remove the battery, press the power button for five seconds and put the battery back, then turn on the device.

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