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How to Enable WhatsApp Suggestions in Netflix

Netflix users are provided with human content curation recommendations on their website as well as on the app instead of algorithms, which is very helpful in suggesting better content. The media services provider is doing all they can to beat their competitors as well as updating their services frequently. However, Netflix does not stop here, taking things a step further with the new update: Netflix Whatsapp Suggestions.

What is Netflix Whatsapp Suggestions? Read below to find out all the details.

This update feature is a new concept for personalized recommendations introduced by Netflix. By sharing your personal contact information, Netflix will send suggestions to your WhatsApp messenger based on what you usually watch.

Steps to use Netflix Whatsapp Suggestions

After your Netflix version is updated, log to your account and a block pop up. Doing so will enable you to connect to Netflix on WhatsApp through your registered mobile number. Once you agree to it, Netflix sends you a text on WhatsApp, and from there on, you will regularly get updates on best shows right in your WhatsApp messenger.

Isn’t that clever and more convenient for Netflix users?

To connect Netflix on WhatsApp, only work the numbers that are registered under Netflix accounts will work. You can try messaging Netflix Whatsapp number at +1 (408) 669-4229 from other mobile numbers; however, that is currently not working.

According to the reports for 2020, Netflix will be releasing at least 53 original movies and series, balancing documentaries, movies, TV series, and anime very well. We are happy to see that Netflix is focusing more on both the quantity and quality of content.

Netflix’s original The Witcher released last month, and it has already become a sensation; the audience is loving it! In January 2020, it will release much-awaited and talked about ‘Dracula’ series. Netflix library is getting better and includes some classics too, like Inception or The Irishman.


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