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How To Enable Dark Mode On iPhone Smartphones Running iOS 13

iOS 13 brought among so many features, one of the sleekest mode so far. Dark Mode had stepped in for Apple users, too, and we couldn’t be more content. It seems the feature has a lot of benefits, also. It isn’t, however, the first when Apple decides to introduce a display option that is thought to be comfortable on our eyes, especially at night. iPhone owners can now choose a more dark touch for their interface system-wide.

The Night Shift was also introduced for a while now and is another excellent feature. And it adjusts the blue and yellow elements of the screen cleverly to the lighting circumstances depending on the time of day. The dark mode, however, seems like the most innovative update, Apple introduced so far. It is also automatic, so it becomes convenient.

Enable Dark Mode On Your iPhone Smartphone With iOS 13

Start by accessing Settings, then choose Display and Brightness. You’ll notice under Appearance, a Light or Dark feature. Select the button Automatic to enable the dark mode at sunrise and sunset or customize it as you like, whenever you want. The Dark Mode on your device can also be switched on or off quickly. By only pulling the screen down and hold the brightness slider down. You’ll notice Dark Mode immediately popping out.

While Dark Mode is on, you’ll also save battery. However, it is still unknown if such a feature will also save the battery life. Dark Mode turns the iOS surface more intriguingly in terms of design. The option doesn’t work, unfortunately, in Whatsapp and some other third-party apps. Facebook is said to have a dark mode under development within the WhatsApp beta, but such a thing hasn’t been confirmed or detailed yet. We should wait for more news soon, as the dark mode is already so much appreciated.


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