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How to Enable and Use the ‘Do Not Disturb’ Feature on Samsung Smartphones

You’ve probably noticed that many Samsung smartphones have a featured dubbed Do Not Disturb. Such a setting lets you block any notification for a specific period. So, if you want to avoid notifications during a particular moment of your day, activating Do Not Disturb feature is the best solution. Do Not Disturb, also dubbed as DND, is an easy setting, and you can turn it on quickly.

Turn on ‘Do Not Disturb’

With only a few steps, ‘Do Not Disturb’ is going to kick in and allow you not to worry anymore about any notification. So, you’ll first have to access the Settings, then open the Quick Settings Panel. You can do that by simply swiping from the center to the end of the display. Then, under Settings, choose Sounds and vibration. Your final step is to touch the slider right to Turn on now. Remember that, when the Do Not Disturb feature is on, a specially designated icon for this setup will pop-up at the top left corner.

Choose What You Want to Pop-Up While on DND Mode

‘Do Not Disturb’ feature will cease all notifications, even the alarms that you’ve set. However, if you want to allow certain notifications, there might be a way to do that. Access the Settings, and reach the DND menu as above mentioned, then at the end of the page, touch the Allow exceptions. You will notice a full list of options ready to be customized. So, feel free to choose from calls, messages, media sounds, alarms, calendar events to reminders to modify it as you want.

Enable Scheduling

Besides exceptions, there are plenty of other things you can do. For example, there is a setting that you can set a particular time frame when you want Samsung’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ to turn off by itself. To utilize Scheduling, DND must be on. Access the Turn on as scheduled, and you can pick Sleeping to enable ‘Do Not Disturb’ during your sleeping time, for example. Remember that you can modify the schedule as you want by choosing your Start time and End time!


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