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How to Download Videos From Twitter on PC and Mobile Device

Twitter has become one of the most popular social media apps currently on the market. It has been adopted by most celebrities and CEOs to post updates on projects or their thoughts. The app is also being widely used by politicians and media.

On a social level, we usually use this platform to share moments of our lives with close friends, that we most certainly want to remember; that’s why it is important to know how to download videos from Twitter.

There are a few methods to follow in order to get videos from Twitter, but all these techniques ask for third-party apps that help you get down the content you want. The following methods correspond to the device they can be carried out on.

NOTE: Do not download videos that contain copyrighted content as it is not legally approved.

How to Download Twitter Videos on Computer

If you are more comfortable with a laptop or PC when using Twitter, or just want the content to remain stored on a computer, you don’t need to download any external software to get videos down. Follow the steps below to carry out the download process.

• Head to Twitter and log into your account
• Find the video you want to download and click on the top right-corner arrow
• Select the ‘Copy Link’ option
• Search for an online video downloader, such as DownloadTwitterVideo or Twdown
• Paste the link you’ve copied into the bar and click on ‘Download’
• Choose the type of file you want to save the video as if the downloader asks

How to Download Twitter Videos on Mobile Device

In case you’re using your mobile device to browse through Twitter, here is how to download videos from the platform into your smartphone, on either iOS– or Android-powered one.

Method for iOS devices

• Head to App Store and download a compatible app like Documents by Readable
• Open Twitter and find the video you want to download
• Click on the arrow icon and copy the link
• Launch the downloader app, open the integrated browser and select the proper option when prompted
• Paste the link into the search bar
• Select the file type you want to download the video in, and tap on ‘Download’

Method for Android devices

• Go to Google Play Store and download an app that allows you to get down Twitter videos, such as Video Downloader for Twitter
• Launch Twitter and find the video you want to get down
• Choose to share the video with the app
• If asked, select the type of file you want the content to be saved in and hit ‘Download’

Bottom Lines

Downloading videos from Twitter is a good way to share content you love or find interesting with other people, more so if they do not have a Twitter account. Still, remember to avoid downloading videos that have copyrighted content as it might cause you issues.

Downloading such content may get you into legal problems with repercussions such as hefty fines.


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