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How to Download TuTuApp on iPhones

TuTuApp is an alternative for the most popular app stores out there, and it is available on all digital platforms, such as Android, iOS, and so on. Using the app will allow you to easily install a number of premium apps on your mobile device for free.

A good point in having TuTuApp is the fact that you don’t have to root the Android smartphone or jailbreak their iOS device. However, it doesn’t work the same for all models of iOS, apparently. The service has a cleaner store, as well as a large variety of apps and games.

However, what is striking is the fact that TuTuApp asks for permission to make calls and read and send SMS. These functions are not related to the actual app, which means that it is a potential threat to privacy as it most likely records every call you make and all the SMS you send and receive.

But if you are still interested in the service as it allows you to get paid games and apps for free and you want to use it on an iPhone, read on to find out how to install it.

How to Get TuTu App on Cydia

To make sure that you get to use TuTuApp the same way an Android user would make sure to follow the guide below. However, before proceeding, ensure you’ve got a jailbroken iPhone on which to install the app.

• Download Cydia from the official website
• After the installation completes, launch the app and wait to get all the packages and content
• Once done, go to ‘Sources,’ then tap on ‘Add’ and copy this into the repository source
• Wait for the package to refresh and return to the main screen of the app
• A source list should appear; add the ‘Kiimo’ source and find the ‘Supports iOS 11’ option
• Select the ‘AppSync Unified’ package and install it
• Next, tap on the ‘Restart SpringBoard’ option, and launch Safari to copy ‘’ into the link bar
• Select the ‘Install TuTuApp VIP’ link
• A dialogue box should appear, asking you to confirm the installation of the TuTuApp
• Go through the installation process and start using it

Is TutuApp Safe to Use, After All?

TuTuApp has received numerous criticism for a while now, but numerous people love it since it gives you the possibility to access games and apps you wouldn’t normally get. However, it is important that you download it from trusted sources as it normally comes with a lot of modded and cracked apps, which is actually a form of piracy.

Moreover, as we mentioned above, lots of users have been concerned about their privacy while using TuTuApp as it requested some peculiar permissions, which it should not have.

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