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How to Download New Minecraft Maps on any Platform

Minecraft Maps is required to be installed for every user that wants to play the Minecraft game. All of the maps displayed by the game are high in resolution, requesting as well large memory. This article will offer the needed indications on how to download and install Minecraft Maps on any operating systems or devices.

The first step is searching for Minecraft Website on the internet and picking the right category (e.g. PC, Android, Desktop). After doing so, users need to select a map and click on the download button. In the system, it will appear as a ZIP or RAR file, which needs to be unzipped. After that, the installation process is ready to begin.

How to Download New Minecraft Maps on any Platform

Install Minecraft Maps on PC

  • Find the Minecraft icon and double click it
  • Open the menu by clicking the three lines situated in the top right corner
  • Click on Launch button and choose Advanced Settings
  • Search for Add new option and click on the Game directory
  • Open the Minecraft game folder, and you may close the launcher now. Choose the Microsoft folder with the Map and restart the game

Install Minecraft Maps on iPhone

  • iFunBox is a Software that allows Apple users to download external files on iPhone and iPad. Therefore, users need to download iFunBox and install it
  • After that, connect the device with the computer
  • Click on My Device and choose the Apps function. Look for Minecraft: Pocket Edition and select the game folder
  • Add the Minecraft Worlds folder to the Minecraft PE game

Install Minecraft Maps For Android

  • First, install an application from Google Play that allows you to unzip files
  • Download the Map from the Minecraft Website and unzip the files with the downloaded app
  • Select the map folder and copy it to the Minecraft PE app
  • Launch the game and look for the Minecraft Maps in the map section

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