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How to Delete WhatsApp Messages From a Conversation

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world, boasting more than five billion downloads as of this month, all over the world. The app is owned by Facebook, and with billions of people using it on a daily basis, chances are you may already chat with people several times a day through the messaging platform.

Even so, the constant communication also means that you are prone to end up saying something you don’t mean to, or it is not applicable to the conversation anymore. Fortunately, deleting WhatsApp messages is now a simple process that takes only a few taps. You can choose to delete a message for yourself only or remove it for everyone in an about one-hour limit, which means that they will be deleted from the other person’s chat inbox as well.

Here is how to do both.

How to Delete a WhatsApp Message for Yourself Only

• Launch WhatsApp on your mobile device, be it Android or iPhone
• In the ‘Chats’ menu, open the conversation from which you want to delete the message
• Press and hold down on the screen on the message you want to remove
• A list of several choices will appear; tap on the ‘Delete’ option to remove the message
• An edit screen window will show up with the message you want to delete selected; choose more messages if you want to remove more, and tap on the trash icon in the top of the screen to proceed
• Tap on the ‘Delete for me’ option to confirm the removal of the message; the selected message will disappear from the conversation

How to Delete WhatsApp Messages for Everyone

• Follow all the above steps, until you get to the confirmation window
• Tap on the ‘Delete for Everyone’ option instead of ‘Delete for Me’ to remove the message from the conversation for everyone involved

Remember, though, that this option will only be accessible for only an hour or so after the message was sent.

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