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How to Create a Free Xbox Live Account on Your PC

The Xbox gaming console is one of the best currently on the market. Microsoft, its developer, and creator provided users with the Xbox Live program, an online multiplayer gaming, and digital media delivery platform.

If you prefer using a PC when playing games, there is a possibility to access Xbox Live on your device because of the cross-platform facility that Microsoft recently implemented. This option allows users to play all titles that are released for Xbox on their PC. Read below the guidelines on how to access Xbox Live on your PC.

Create a Microsoft Account

To be able to access Xbox Live on your PC, you must first set up a Microsoft account. This account will allow you to play on multiple devices with just one login.

• Head over to the official Microsoft website, here

• ​Click on the ‘Sign in’ option, and start by creating your account

• ​Follow the instructions given in order to set up your Microsoft account

Link a Microsoft Account to Windows 10

After you have created your Microsoft account, you need to link it to the Windows you are using. Here is how to do so:

• ​Press the ‘Windows’ key on your keyboard and type ‘Xbox’

• ​This will launch the Xbox app incorporated into the Windows 10; wait until the loading process completes

• ​A ‘Welcome back’ window should appear – this means that your Microsoft account is already linked to the Xbox Live app

• ​Select ‘Next’ to proceed

• ​Enter your username, or ‘Gamertag’

• ​Upload a profile picture from the ‘Gamerpic’ option and click on ‘Next’

• ​Finally, tap on the ‘Let’s play’ button, which finishes up the process

Create a Free Xbox Live Account on Your PC

To set up a free Xbox Live account on a PC, follow these steps.

• ​Launch the web browser on your device and type ‘’ on the search bar

• ​A login screen will appear; if you already have an account on the app, simply log in

In case you haven’t proceeded with the above guidelines, and own a Skydrive or Windows Phone account, you can log in using that particular account. However, if you don’t have either one of these accounts, you must create a Microsoft profile.

• ​Select the ‘Signup’ option on the page

• ​Type in your name, and all the other credentials required

• ​Enter the Captcha and set a password

• ​ Check your email to activate the account (head over to your email app, open the email from the Microsoft team, and tap on the ‘Verify [your email address]’) – this will have created your Microsoft account

• ​Click on the ‘Join Xbox Live Gold’ option

• ​Create an Xbox profile by following all the given instructions on the page

• ​Enter the information of your Microsoft account on the following page

You are now all set.

The Bottom Lines

Creating and linking an account is a rather simple process. Hopefully, these guidelines on how to create a free Xbox Live account on your PC, along with a Microsoft profile, are helping you set them up. 

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