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How to Change the Default Home Address on Google Home Devices

There are numerous products in the Google Home line of smart speakers under the Google Nest brand. The devices enable users to speak voice commands in order to interact with services via Google Assistant, the tech giant’s virtual assistant. All these products in the series offer great functionalities, and as soon as you set it up, connect it to a Wi-Fi network, it can make your life easier.

You get to speak to Google Assistant and receive the information you request; you can set up alarms, make shopping lists, calls, and so on. However, when asking the smart speaker for weather data or information about local places, it will automatically consider the home address as the default one. If you want to change the default address on your Google Home device, we created a simple guide to help you do so.

How to Change the Default Home Address on Google Home

In order to change the home address on your smart speaker device, simply follow the steps below.

Open the Google Home app on your mobile phone or tablet, and before proceeding with the next steps, make sure that your home name is listed at the top. If it isn’t, simply tap on the name in order to change it. Tap on the gear icon to open the settings menu and head to the ‘Set address’ or ‘Home address’ option. Type the new address and select ‘Save.’

If you want to receive information about other places, you can always clearly say it to the Google Assistant. For instance, even if you live in New York but want to know how the weather is in another place, simply say ‘OK Google, how’s the weather in (place name)?’

All you have to do is to be specific in order to get the information you want in other places. Otherwise, the data you will receive will always be based on the home address set as default.

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