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How to Cancel Your Amazon Prime Subscription in a Few Quick Steps

If you’re amongst those who take advantage of the free trial for Amazon Prime, you should know that such a thing comes with a price, literally. If you forgot to end up that subscription, you’d be asked to pay actual money for something that you didn’t use. As frustrating and annoying as it might sounds, it could cause you even more damage to your finances.

Amazon Prime is a significant service that lets you access different functions, as well, free shipping, and early discounts for a monthly tax of $12.99 or $119 yearly. However, a free one-month trial might sometimes trouble users as they forgot to deactivate it after the known period.

How to Cancel Your Amazon Prime Subscription Quickly

If you decided to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription for whatever reason, here are some tips and tricks to do it efficiently and quickly. First, access the official Amazon site and log in with your account details. Move over the “Accounts and lists” option at the top right corner of the website and select the “Your Prime Membership” tab. On the following page, search for the “End trial and Benefits” at the bottom left. Ultimately, confirm the cancelation by selecting the “I Don’t want My Benefits” option at the bottom of the last page.

Get Your Subscription Refunded on Amazon Prime

If you couldn’t cancel your subscription in time, there might be a way to get your cashback for paying the Amazon Prime subscription. Amazon automatically refreshes your subscription and charges you the applicable price. You can take your money back by making an easy application to support it. So, if you’re not given a refund, you can still cancel your subscription and enjoy the benefits until the end of the paid subscription time. Try to be careful with such stuff as you can see it could trouble you a lot, and your finances, as well.

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