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How to Boost the Mobile Internet Speed on Android

We always need the best Internet connection on our devices for all sorts of work. From getting where you want, sending those significant emails, studying, to watching videos, the Internet speed should match daily match our needs. Enhancing the speed of the Internet has become one of the most requested things so far. If you’re looking for a few tips and tricks to get rid of your Android device’s slow Internet speed, you might try the following.

Boost the Mobile Internet Speed on Android

Method 1: Uninstall the Unnecessary Apps

Check out the app list of your smartphone and decide upon which apps you use most and those apps which aren’t useful anymore. Keeping lots of unused apps will decrease the performance of your device. Therefore, to boost up mobile data, you can delete or uninstall all the unwanted apps.

Method 2: Verify the Cache and Clear It

The Internet speed might be slowed down due to the cache memory. Downloading different apps or accessing some websites can gather the most cache.

Method 3: 4G Connection

With the recent technological upgrade, the 4G connectivity, users can choose such a data connection. The Internet speed will boost up immediately.

Method 4: Turn On Text Mode in the Browser

Turning on the text mode in the browser is a simple technique to enhance your Internet speed. If you don’t always search for images, and you only need texts for browsing, then you can disable the pictures. For Google Chrome, use the “Text Mode Browser” extension. The upgrade will significantly boost up your Internet speed.

Method 5: Install Specific Apps

Another method includes installing some apps from the Google Play Store. The apps are meant to boost up your Internet speed. Download Changeneers, for example, and you can check your actual Internet speed and enjoy some useful tips.


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