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How to Adjust Alexa’s Voice Speed

Amazon‘s smart assistant, Alexa, is nowadays present in numerous households. The virtual assistant AI technology was first used in the Amazon Echo smart speakers created by Jeff Bezos’ company. The device is able to do a lot of things on our behalf, such as manage shopping lists, find information online, play media files, settings alarms, providing weather, traffic, sports, and so on.

Users are also able to extend Alexa’s capacities by installing additional functionalities created by third-party developers, such as weather programs and audio features. An accompanying app is available from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon App Store as well.

However, users have complained of weird behavior coming from the assistant, such as registering their conversations and sending them to another person, or taking definite political sides. Not long ago, Amazon has filed a patent to let it listen to people at all times, detailing the ‘voice-sniffing’ technology. The recordings of people’s voices are, anyway, stored on Amazon’s servers at the moment.

Nevertheless, if you are still using Alexa but you want to make some changes to its voice speed, we’re going to share a guideline on how to do it.

How to Change Alexa’s Voice Speed

Changing the speed of the smart assistant’s voice is a lot easier than you’d probably think. All you have to do is telling it ‘Alexa, speak faster,’ if you want it to speak a bit faster than it normally does.

If you want to make it speak slower, say instead ‘Alexa, speak slower,’ repeating the command until you find the ideal speed. In case you want to get back to the regular speed of the virtual assistant’s voice, the process is also simple. Simply command it by saying, ‘Alexa, speak at your default rate’ in order to reset it.


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