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How to Add and Manage Multiple OneDrive Accounts on Windows 10

OneDrive is Microsoft‘s storage service implemented in all devices running the Android operating system.

Windows 10 is able to sync only one OneDrive account on a device, but if you own more than one accounts, it is better to sync them all on one device in order to manage them more properly. This method also saves you a lot of time. Below are simple guidelines on how to run multiple OneDrive accounts in an effective manner.

How To Connect an Account to Windows

If your OneDrive account is not connected to the Windows, link it by following the steps below.

• Press the Windows key on the keyboard, find OneDrive and open it
• Select the ‘Sign in’ option
• Choose the Microsoft account you usually use or enter the data of a new account
• Tap on the ‘Continue’ option

Your OneDrive account is now connected to the Windows. You can manage it from the File Explorer section.

How to Add a Second Account

If you have another account you want to add to the operating system, the following steps help you do it.

• Tap the OneDrive icon in the system notification area
• Open the settings menu in OneDrive and add your changes in the account already connected to the device
• Press on the ‘Accounts’ option to view the section
• Select the ‘Add an account’ section and fill in the details required
• Press on the ‘Sign in’ option
• Select ‘Change location’ and ‘Next’ to connect the second account to the device

How to Manage Multiple OneDrive Accounts

Your device will now display multiple OneDrive icons in the Taskbar area, with two colored icons. The personal OneDrive account will be displayed in grey, and the business one will have a blue color. This variety feature helps users differentiate between the accounts in an instant.

In the File Explorer folder, there will appear two different OneDrive files, labeled according to your personal and business email address that is connected to the account.


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