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How Google Chrome will Be Extending Battery Life for Laptops?

If you’re among those more than 1 billion users of Google Chrome, you must be in love with the famous web browser. Chrome offers a large variety of exciting features, but like any other app, it also has its downsides. One of them is that it burns out battery life for laptops very fast if you’re keeping multiple tabs open.

Google plans to solve the issue once and for all. Although there’s always the possibility of keeping your laptop’s charger plugged in, that would defy the initial purpose of these devices: high mobility.

Chrome 86 enters the scene

Chrome 86 is an upcoming update for Google’s insanely-popular browser, and it will significantly improve the battery life for laptops as long as they’re using the app. The way the update will do this is quite simple:  a feature from Chrome 86 that is currently under he testing phase will be reducing energy usage by exploiting Google Chrome tabs that run in the background. The method works by putting to ‘sleep’ unnecessary timers and trackers.

We have serious reasons to believe that the strategy works, considering that Google saved two hours of battery while conducting a test with one blank foreground tab and 36 background tabs. Surely you can’t overlook two hours of battery life for a laptop. The results while playing a YouTube video were a little less satisfying but still impressive. About half an hour of battery life was saved.

The Chrome 86 update is scheduled to arrive in October. Hopefully, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic won’t delay the release as it did with many other tech events. The overall situation in the US is even worsening, considering the daily number of infections. But oddly enough, the daily number of people dying due to COVID-19 is facing a significant downfall.


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