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HBO Max – Everything We Know About the Upcoming Service

HBO Max has a lot in common with numerous other rivals rising in these ‘streaming wars,’ such as Disney Plus and Peacock. The streaming service is created by HBO and is scheduled to launch in May of this year.

HBO Max will have a massive library of shows and movies, as well as a big-budget schedule of exclusive original titles featuring popular stars. However, a noticeable difference between these opponents in the streaming war is the price: HBO Max is way more expensive than the rest.

How Much Will HBO Max Cost?

HBO Max will cost $15 per month when it launches in the United States. Some HBO users under the subscription will get Max included for free, but not all the users. Subscribers to HBO Now can upgrade to HBO Max at no extra cost, along with HBO subscribers via AT&T.

The service will be the last to enter the streaming war that takes place over a period of six months, in which tech and entertainment companies release their own streaming subscriptions in order to battle Netflix. With over 167 million subscribers all over the world, Netflix has dominated the industry.

During the first year, HBO Max will expand to welcome a new layer that comes with advertising. Some people

When Will HBO Max Launch?

HBO Max will be released in May in the United States, but the precise date has not been announced. After the launch, the service’s first international expansions will focus on Latin America and Europe, with Latin America getting the service in 2021, the company stated.

HBO Max’s U.S. time frame will have it almost at the end of the streaming services launching parade. After Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus were released in November, Quibi is the next service waiting to launch on April 6th. The service will feature short episodic original titles optimized only for mobile phones.

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