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Halo 3 PC Testing Will Start in the First Half of June

Halo 3 is getting tested for PC before it will roll out in the first half of June, 343 Industries announced, which is about a month after Halo 2’s release.   

According to a new community update, 343i’s Postums said that the closed game testing would allow the team to examine its distribution pipeline, verify the updates to Challenges, collect feedback on the content, and make sure that all supporting systems are working adequately as they get ready to launch the third sequel to Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC.  

“Halo 3 is the next game in our lineup making its way to PC,” wrote Postums. “In 2007, it was the Halo title that brought us Theater, Forge, and some of the community’s most beloved gametypes like Grifball, Infection, and many more. Halo 3 holds a special place in many player’s hearts, and we know it’s one of, if not THE most anticipated titles in the collection. In good news, public flighting for Halo 3 PC is on the horizon!”  

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The test will comprise multiplayer modes across ten maps, including Custom Games, Social Games, and Competitive Games, together with five campaign missions, namely Sierra 117, The Storm, The Ark, The Covenant, and Halo. The Forge and Theatre modes will also be available.  

“If you aren’t a Halo Insider already, please head on over here and register,” Postums added. “If it’s been a while since you have visited your Halo Insider profile, please take some time to make sure everything is up to date with your profile including your PC specs (many folks have been upgrading their machines during quarantine so please make sure your profile is current!). Ensuring you are up-to-date and registered with a valid (and verified!) email, greatly improves your chances of being selected for flights.”  

If you want to get more information about how you can get involved, the update post has all the details you need. Halo fans who are waiting for the PC version can play the Halo: Master Chief Collection via Xbox Game Pass on PC or can buy it for $39.99 on Steam and the Microsoft Store. 


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