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Gwent 4.1 The Witcher Card Game Update Available with New Changes and Features

Gwent was one of the most popular gameplay elements featured in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt as players spent countless hours making Geralt a rich man.

The success of the collectible card game inspired CD Projekt Red to release a standalone version of the game in the form of Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, which was initially released for the PC, Xbox One and PS4.

A lot of improvements and features are present in the 4.1 updates and a change log is already available. You can find a selection of patch highlights below.

General changes

  • The mulligan screen is now better.
  • The animations showed when an opponent passes his turn were improved.
  • A small delay will occur after a round finish.
  • FTUX has been enhanced, and it will be enforced in the case of players who didn’t play an online match since Novigrad was released.
  • Leader selection screens are more interesting and dynamic.

New features

  • Logic and visuals are no longer tied, and the gameplay experience should be considerably faster now. Players no longer need to wait until the animation for the current action is needed before taking the next one.
  • A blue or red banner will appear below/above the coin to show that it is the current player’s turn.
  • Sound effects will be played when a player will overtake the score of the opponent.
  • Chains will keep the coin locked if a player will use an order before they play a card on their turn.
  • A warning will be shown if a player tries to use an order/leader card when they are winning, and the opponent decided to pass the round.
  • Actions that are available at any time will be highlighted by a green glow (hand, leader ability coin).
  • A new round transitions flow will highlight the number of the current round for both players.
  • The complete patch notes are available on the official website.

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