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GTA V Online Can Get You $1 Million

Grand Theft Auto V Online is going through another anniversary, and that means some exciting rewards for the players if you run the game mode during the celebration period. Therefore, one of the most popular video games of all time, GTA V, is giving its players one million dollars if they log into the online mode by October 2. Unfortunately, those are only virtual money, available only in the game.

The $1 million won’t be given to your character instantly, however. It will be deposited in your Maze Bank account by October 9, so you’ll need to check back in before you’re able to spend the newfound cash. It’s just like in reality, right?

New Survival challenges

New Survival challenges will come in GTA V online during the celebration period and they are pretty exciting: fighting a Ballas attack on Grove Street or fighting Juggernauts in the Nuclear Bunker are among them. You can get double rewards on all Survival Series events through that period.

Other fun stuff you can be doing is to score 2X GTA$ and RP on Mobile Operations missions. Meanwhile, Mobile Operation Centers will be 40% off. A variety of Declasse vehicles, Benny’s upgrades, and weapons are also 40% off in the anniversary period.

You could try the casinos

You can try your luck at the casino, since The Diamond Casino and Resort still offers a free daily spin. The Casino Store is also offering a new refreshed selection of clothing and accessories. After all, a true millionaire is a devoted guest of the casinos.

So there’s plenty of new and fun ways to get your character to spend his time during the celebration period of GTA Online. In the end, you can visit a hooker to get you relieved of the stress of having so much money. I mean in the game, of course.


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