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GTA San Andreas APK Available to Download For Free

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was a hit when it was released over a decade ago. Players get to take up the role of CJ, the game’s protagonist, in a fictional Los Santos of the ’90s.

Carl returns home after five years of being away, but his bounty has changed. He battles to boost his gang’s influence and notoriety over Los Santos.

GTA San Andreas was ahead of its time but stayed true to what the fans wanted and what GTA is. It is one of the first real Sandbox-style games.

The game is enormous, even in today’s standards. There are three cities, countrysides, mountainsides, an ocean, and beaches.


GTA San Andreas was initially released for the PC, PS2, and the first Xbox. Time passed and remastered editions were published – Both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 received HD remastered versions of GTA SA in 2015, and the game was also ported to current-gen consoles via backward compatibility.

And, after all, why wouldn’t they remaster it? It had arguably one of the best stories in the GTA universe, complex characters, and the progression through the mission felt like a total achievement.


To run GTA SA on your phone, you need at least 2GB of RAM, at least 6-7 GB of storage, internet connection to download the game, and a phone that runs on Android 7.0 at least.

Installing apps and games on Android is simple. However, we won’t be using the Google Play Store because it requires payment to install GTA SA.

Instead, we will download the game’s .apk (the game itself) from an online source. After downloading the .apk file, open it, and the system will take care of the rest. If it won’t open, check your system settings and make sure you allowed installations from unknown sources.

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