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GTA 6 Will Come Together With PS5, According to Reports

GTA 6 might hit the market at once with PS5, according to some reports. Fans of the series have been eagerly waiting for new leaks about the most-wanted game out there. They were supposed to make their appearances yesterday, but that did not happen, but there is still time until next Wednesday.

There are many rumors about the PS5 console itself because Sony hasn’t said much about the specs of the console, or how much it will cost, or what it looks like.  Besides the fact that PS5 will come with backwards compatibility with many PlayStation 4 games, and some specs, we know pretty much nothing about it. we don’t even know the new titles available at launch with PS5.

According to some reports, there a list of PS5 specs, and it was mentioned that GTA 6 would be released during the Holiday 2020 season. Apparently, “Sony paid ‘huge money’ in order to secure a 1-month PS5 exclusive.”

Also, recent stock reports suggested that describe Take-Two Interactive’s business plan was to release GTA 6 on Xbox Series X and PS5. Some reports show that the game will not be released until 2021. Rockstar has released a GTA titles with PlayStation before, so it is not an impossible scenario. But wouldn’t it be a waste of money for Sony? Because of the small exclusive window?

Many of the GTA rumors out there are similar to each other, which means that they have a little bit of truth, too. We are just waiting to see which parts are true. And if the game will have a female protagonist.

We are looking forward to playing the game, be it on PS5, or Xbox Series X, or after they hit the market.


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