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GTA 6: We Come with Amazingly Good News for the Fans of the Franchise

The GTA 6 release date comes with a recent report that links Rockstar Games to brand new locations. There are rumors that there’s one business in Florida that will be added to the inventory. This project will include entire Florida, and it is directly linked to Rockstar Games in a letter.

When this later came online, many people were skeptical, and we cannot blame them. In the past year, fans have heard a lot of rumors about GTA, and none of them are actually verified. It just looks like the letter is just another rumor. However, since it was first shared, we found out some things about it, and it’s very good news for fans of the franchise.

Is all of this real?

According to a Rockstar Games insider, some of this info is confirmed as being real. We are talking about the location, and the letter, and all the other reasons why the game is still in works.

It was mentioned in a podcast that the person who wrote the letter works with a digital media company and that she signed an NDA. The scouting for interiors might be a reason why the game is being done so late.

According to some reports, this podcast is full of hints for the fans of the games. “Recently, as you’re aware, we’ve had a change in the types of productions that are coming to our state,” says the person in the podcast. She also said that she was very lucky to get a large client, which hired her to arrange the site tours and visits. She was talking about the digital media company.


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