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GTA 6 Update – A Probable Release Date Was Set!

While it seems improbable to see GTA 6 be released this year, some promising signs hint that we might hear more information about it straight from Rockstar Games in the following months.

One thing is sure – The release date is set, but is not yet public, unfortunately. Rockstar Games in the following months might still post news about GTA 6 if a 2021 release is being planned.

At the moment, PS4 and Xbox One gamers are still wondering what will be added to GTA this year.

Significant updates haven’t been shared yet by the development team, so we don’t know if any fresh DLC is on the way. Rumors about GTA 6 have slowly dried up, as the parent company, Take-Two Interactive only released some vague hints about its pipeline.

Analysis And Predictions

Industry experts and analysts stepped in and took a look at the known data about GTA 6.

Investor Place suggested that the Xbox Series X and the PS5 will play a vital role in the plans of Take-Two Interactive.

Their report reads:

“Game consoles — which represent nearly three-quarters of the company’s revenue — saw game sales decrease by over 40%.”

“That was partially made up for by surging PC platform sales, but Take-Two is feeling the impact of the aging Xbox One and Playstation 4.”

Even though it’s good news that something big is coming soon, IP doesn’t expect to see any significant reveal for the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Probable Release Date

Careful analysis revealed that the most likely release date for GTA 6 would be somewhere in 2021, as a report added that the “company’s various developers and studios would undoubtedly have some titles ready for the new console launches.”

Unfortunately, there is no accurate way of approximating a precise release date, as Rockstar tends to take its time with GTA titles, and for a good reason!


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