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GTA 6 Rumors: Job Listing May Confirm A Change In The Game’s Plot Structure

It seems that 2020 began with even more GTA 6 rumors than expected. The game is awaited with massive excitement for a really long time now, and nothing has been 100% confirmed so far. But this does not stop the rumors from flooding the community and the game’s fans.

Work on GTA 6 might have begun 

For a few months now, Rockstar Games has been growing the development team and also showing signs that are hinting at the fact that work on the GTA 6 may have already begun. writes that there’s a new job listing that could be hinting at the fact that the sequel will be involving a plot structure that will turn out to be unlike anything that the franchise has done so far.

The online publication writes that the company posted various job listings for programmers, engineers, and artists to work on unnamed “next-generation games.”

It’s been revealed that there’s a new posting for a position at Rockstar’s main office in Scotland that has seemingly confirmed an older GTA 6 rumor.

The same online publication mentioned above notes that Rockstar North, which is the primary branch responsible for the core Grand Theft Auto series is hiring a “Character Costume & Wardrobe Stylist.” The ideal person should be able to develop how characters dress in the company’s next sprawling digital world.

A new job listing may hint at GTA 6

It’s been reported that there’s one element in this job listing that specifically hints at the GTA 6. Check it out below:

It’s been unveiled that Rockstar is looking for a person who has, “an obsessive eye for detail and drapery in respect of garments of all types, and an acute awareness of how fabrics and materials age and degrade over time.”

It’s been already rumored that the next GTA installation will take place across ten years and in various locations, and this could be a confirmation on the new game’s colossal scope.

Anyway, we recommend that you check out the original article in order to learn more juicy rumors.


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