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GTA 6 Release Year Might Have Been Already Leaked In GTA 5

GTA fans cannot wait for the 6th installment, and this is no news. The gaming industry has been flooded with all kinds of assumptions regarding this much-awaited GTA installment and there have been tons of predictions made on this subject.

As you probably know by now, more than six years after the release of GTA V, we still don’t know for sure about what’s coming next.

Back in April, it’s been revealed that Gamespot reported th4e fact that Ned Luke, who is the actor who portrayed Michael De Santa in Rockstar’s GTA 5 had been asked about a potential GTA 6 for years and now he’s got a message for everyone who is making all kinds of claims about the game.

Back then, there was a live video which was made together with Shawn Fonteno (who voiced Franklin Clinton in the game) Luke has called out the people who make up rumors about the series. You can check out the video below.

GTA 6 release date might have already been leaked in GTA 5

Now, as expected new rumors about the release date of the game are out! It’s been just reported that GTA fans have noticed that there’s an interesting detail tucked away in GTA 5’s sprawling map – fans are confident that this is the very first hint at the year in which the GTA 6 installment will be released.

Check out the tweet below to see what we mean:

People on Twitter seemed really excited about the finding.

Somoene said: “have you noticed that the door which 2021 is on is twice as big as the door that 2013 is on?”

Another followed posted this message: “Bruh screen rant made an article about this. Also, I remember seeing a video about this a couple of years back so it’s possible.”

Do you think that we can expect GTA 6 in 2021?


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