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GTA 6 Release Date Update — Rockstar Games Teams Up With Sony and Microsoft

GTA 6 release date appears to be closing in currently that developers are taking a different path. Rockstar Games are preparing for the release of a new GTA variant on PlayStation (Sony) and Xbox (Microsoft) in the following months. Such a thing could mean that we would finally get our most anticipated game so far, the GTA 6.

Also, developers have displayed some signs that point to the groundwork being set over platforms for the release of the upcoming GTA game. However, how exciting the news could be, we don’t have yet any official statements from Rockstar Games. Developers didn’t confirm at all that GTA 6 will be the next release.

During 2019, we have got so many massive “reveals” about the GTA 6 that all of them seemed so accurate, yet confusing. From rumors of the game to return to the Vice City in the 70s or 80s, to a PS5 exclusive release.

New rumors on the GTA 6 release date

There might be some eagle-eyed GTA fans with advanced skills in noticing even the slightest thing. A recent post on Reddit shows us something like that. The post indicates that Rockstar Games has supposedly pre-registered the domain for GTA 6 before the game’s release. The Reddit user had also unveiled that the has got a registration since 2006, and the last update was in 2018.

He detailed: “ was registered by rockstar: 2006-05-12 (1th May 2006) was updated 10th April 2018 expires on 12th May 2020. The GTAVI domain isn’t installed and just shows ads that aren’t in any relation to Rockstar or the service provider.”

After all, such a thing might turn out to be accurate, and fans will ultimately get the chance to play one of the most expected games from Rockstar Games so far.


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