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GTA 6 – Could Rockstar Games Be Working on the Title?

Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6) might be under development as a game creator known for collaborating on a VR project in one of Rockstar Games‘ IPs not long ago posted a job listing.

The listing is confirming that the developer is again working with the Grand Theft Auto creator; which has, in turn, started a wheel of speculations that this could be related to the highly-anticipated GTA 6.

The Next Game Could be Played in VR

Taking into consideration the number of years that passed since GTA 5 was launched, it is not difficult to understand why gaming fans expect a GTA 6 announcement with such excitement. Rockstar Games has not revealed any details yet, but the rumor mill is not tamed by the lack of official announcements about the next game in the popular series.

Most recently, fans spotted several job opportunities developer Video Games Deluxe posted on LinkedIn: the company is looking for new Senior Programmers, Engine Programmer, Designer, and Animator for its Sydney office.

What gave fans a reason to speculate the arrival of GTA 6 is the part of the post where the developer noted that their ongoing project is still in collaboration with Rockstar Games: “2020 marks our 7th year of working exclusively for Rockstar in Sydney.”

Although it did not mention any specific title being worked on, the company’s history with Rockstar was enough to spark rumors that it could be collaborating on another VR project related to GTA 6.

Why the Job Listing May Not be About GTA 6

However, learning from experience, most GTA fans are not presuming that Video Games Deluxe’s project with Rockstar is the sixth installment in the popular series anymore. This is because when Rockstar opened the virtual PlayStation 5 event last month, it was expected to announce GTA 6, which it did not.

Instead, the gaming studio revealed another GTA 5 expansion for the next-generation consoles. Now, many fans are assuming that the supposed VR project might be another GTA 5 expansion pack or even a new build for other popular Rockstar games, such as Red Dead Redemption.


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