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GTA 5 For PS5 – What You Need To Know

Rockstar’s best selling title is ready to hit a new generation of consoles, and there are many reasons to be excited about that.

The release of the game was announced at the recent PS5 launch event.

Release Date

The new version of GTA 5 will come to the PlayStation 5 in the second half of 2021, half a year or so after Sony’s upcoming console gets released.

The remastered version of GTA 5 will feature “technical improvements, visual upgrades, and performance enhancements,” Rockstar says.

It appears that the PS5 port of the game will be heavily oriented towards GTA Online, as it appears that Rockstar is working on releasing a standalone version of GTA Online.

That will be a chance for everybody to hop back on the GTA Online hype train. Perhaps the high performance of the PS5 will decrease the infamous GTA Online loading time for good.

Free Play

Rockstar will make GTA Online free to play for the first three months.

The announcement made thousands of gamers consider pre-ordering a PS5.

Free In-Game Cash

Rockstar has revealed that gamers who play GTA Online on PS4 will be getting GTA$ 1 million monthly until the launch of the game’s PS5 version. To receive the bonus, you only need to play the game now and then.

Here’s Rockstar’s GTA 5 for PS5 trailer that they presented at the big event:

Community Reaction

The announcement provoked various reactions among the community. Some gamers were thrilled to learn that their favorite game will be making a comeback, while others are upset that Rockstar keeps selling them GTA 5 again and again while they are only interested in GTA 6.

We hope to see the PS5 version of GTA 5 implement new content to enjoy and succeed in the gaming market!

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