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Grand Theft Auto VI: Release Date and Latest News

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most hyped and adventurous ​series that currently exist on the market. Even since the title launched, they have governed over the gaming industry and kept registering new record sales whenever their games were released.

The last title, GTA V, went straight to critical and commercial praise and immediately set record sales. GTA V has officially earned more money than the movie based on the sequence made in the whole world. Even though the game launched in 2013, it is still active and boasts with hundreds of thousands of players per day. 

Knowing this, it is no surprise that millions of fans located all over the globe would be wildly shocked and excited after hearing that the next sequel of the game, GTA V​I, is going to appear. Rockstar Games, the title’s publisher, is known for keeping details about its developments to itself, but there are already numerous rumors, leaks, and news about the highly anticipated sequence.

Here is everything we know about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V​I.

Release Date Rumors

​GTA V​I​ first teaser trailers and additional information on the game is expected to be unveiled at E3 2020. The next year is going to be among the most exciting years in gaming history due to the fact that both Sony and Microsoft will release their next-generation consoles. The new PlayStation and new Xbox will be the perfect platforms for GTA V​I​ to get released when it is finally ready by 2021.

Female Lead and More Characters

An almost-confirmed rumor is that GTA V​I​ will incorporate a female lead. The character will most likely be in the gang, earn money, and have an own storyline, but it may also be in charge of various missions because of the gender change.

Rumors also say there will be multiple other characters as part of the narrative, similar to what GTA V​ offered when it followed the lives of three different male characters.

Consistent Gameplay on All Platforms

According to the latest announcements made by Google and Microsoft, GTA V​I​ is among the many AAA games that will support multi-player platform gameplay via streaming. When the game gets launched, even if it isn’t available on PC immediately afterward, players will still be able to play it by streaming it from an Xbox console or Google cloud streaming. 

GTA VI May Depict a Cops’ World

The option to actually play a cop and catch a criminal was definitely ​not explored in any GTA games. While it is known that the storyline will be composed of three different leads, it would not come as a surprise if one of them is a cop.

The narrative will be quite impressive because if the characters are friends or rivals, they will most likely be on different sides of the law and have to face one another over the path of the narrative.

Brazil is the Location of the Game

Brazil is known for the drug trade status, and it might be one of the maps GTA V​I​ will incorporate. There are numerous women who lead the house in this particular area of the world, and not a few get involved in the drug trade. This fact alone makes way for developers to implement a female lead.

Multiplayer on Works

​Even though the single-player mode will again be the most interesting focus on GTA V​I​, the title will also have a massive focus on the multi-player campaign. The creators can now allow a huge amount of players aboard, playing the game from smartphones via streaming. When they do so, it could generate a gigantic underworld with numerous characters.

Taking into consideration the size of the map the game developers would design, it wouldn’t be nonsense to say that they will get sufficient space for players to board the game on their 5G smartphones.


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