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Grand Theft Auto is One of the Most Popular Franchises in the World – When will GTA 6 Arrive?

It is quite obvious that GTA 5 is the most popular title, as more than 110 million units have been sold across all platforms by May 2019. Among the traits that made the game popular we can count the rich and spectacular open world, a solid story that highlighted a remarkable yet flawed cast and GTA Online, the mode that offers countless hours of entertainment for players who like to play with their friends and other people.

Many people have been looking forward to a new GTA game, and it seems that Rockstar may be working on it. According to a reliable source Rockstar Games is looking for an Animation Systems Programmer who should work on animation system for large open-world games.

The information may infer the fact that Rockstar has started to work on GTA 6, but at this point, it is quite hard to say if this is true since many of the IPs owned by Rockstar involve an open-world setting. The job description mentions that the future employee will join a global team of programmers that seeks to enhance and improve character animation of next-generation hardware.

The next-generation hardware is a hint related to the new generation of consoles Microsoft and Sony are hard at work on the Xbox Scarlett and the PS5. Sony has already stated that it is working with select developers on new titles, with some of them being launch titles for the PS5.

It is worth mentioning that the average development cycle for a Rockstar game will last for at least six years, and tends to start after a previous title was released. Since Red Dead Redemption 2 was released a year ago, some argue that the next GTA title should be released in 2024 or later.


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