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GoPro Hero 8 Black Light Comes with New Modes and Accessories

The makers of GoPro Hero 8 Black Light have done an incredible job with the device, especially on the camera market. We are talking about a lot of supporting accessories and new modes. You can now get for Hero 8 Black, a new mod, called the Light Mod. Moreover, this wave of offers will not stop here, because, soon, GoPro will receive the Display Mode and the Media Mod.

GoPro Hero 8 Black with Light Mode and New Accessories

The latest action camera, the Hero 8 Black, will receive three new accessories. The purpose of these accessories is to make the camera pleasing and to add new features in the mod. The three new accessories are the Light Mod, the Media Mod, and the Display Mod. Each and one of them will come separately, with different launching dates. Right now, you can buy the Light Mod as your first accessory at $49.99.

The Light Mode

What is spectacular at this accessory is that it will not be exclusive for Hero 8 Black. You can add the Light Mod at smartphones and even on GoPro mount. The idea of the makers is to not keep the Light Mod only for Hero 8 Black, because you can’t mount it without having the Media Mod. Since the Media Mod is not available yet, then the makers will try to keep their sales up in this way. The features of the Light Mod are waterproof to ten meters deep, up to 200 lumens, and a rechargeable battery built-in, which lasts for six hours.

In summary, the pre-orders for the Media Mod are opened from the final of January 2020, and it will cost you $79.99. The Media Mod will come with a directional microphone that has a 3.5 mm port for other external microphones, and an HDMI-out port. About the Display Mod, this month is open for pre-orders, and you can buy it for $79.99. If you are a vlogger, then your GoPro Hero 8 Black will have the perfect combination with the additional Display Mode, beside the Light Mod.


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