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Google Will Implement ‘Ambient EQ’ and PiP for Netflix Soon

Google has really started to go beyond limits with its ChromeOS. There is no doubt that the operating system has slowly but steadily gained a lot of popularity.

Although the operating system was initially considered a joke, now even famed companies are using it, probably because of the under-powered devices. However, Google now focuses on tallying customer usage and demand and giving clients what they want.

In a recent blog post​ written by Google, the tech giant has revealed its newest version of the ChromeOS, which could come in time for the most recent Samsung Galaxy Chromebook. There are mainly two functionalities that Google emphasized, and both these features are linked to content viewing. Perhaps the Chromebooks are utilized this way only: for productivity and content viewing.

Upcoming Features on the OS

Google has proudly announced that the Ambient EQ feature, a functionality that is incorporated at the moment in the majority of modern-day TVs, will also be included in the Chromebooks.

This Ambient EQ​ basically takes data from the ambient sensors attached on the device, and then, depending on the content, changes the color balance and the brightness of the display. This helps in adjusting to the environment in an easy way.

As per Google, “With Ambient EQ, Chromebook screens adapt to any context—whether you’re working outdoors on a sunny day, or if you’re watching a movie while snuggled under a blanket.”

​Moreover, the ‘Picture in Picture’ (PiP) method will also be implemented to the ChromeOS for the Netflix App. This means that users would be able to, for instance, write documents while watching a Netflix show or movie. This is a rather common thing as a lot of people are used to work only while they have background noise.

Both these functionalities would initially be accessible for the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook and then released for everyone.


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