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Google Wants To Add A Braille Keyboard To Android

Google’s software engineers are not only working for bringing the world many useful apps and features. They are also thinking about less fortunate people that have physical shortcomings. This is another huge hint that Google truly wants to make the world a better place to live in. Google is currently rolling out a new feature called TalkBack for its Android users, and it thus brings a Braille keyboard to smartphones.
A simple virtual keyboard should do the trick

The new feature for people with impaired vision

As simple as it looks, the virtual keyboard is a significant addition that will help a lot of those people who have bad vision. Setting up the keyboard is like a walk in the park. All you have to do is open the Settings section of your Android phone, go for Accessibility, then head for TalkBack, and ultimately choose Settings. While in this section, you can simply choose the Braille keyboard and a dialog box will appear. There, you’ll have to select Settings and further turn on the TalkBak Braille keyboard.

After you complete this simple procedure, you’ll have the chance to play with the new Braille keyboard by choosing it as a regular app on your phone’s menu. Google is also yet to add the virtual keyboard for Google Docs and Messages, which automatically adds a lot more comfort for those who will be using it.

How the Braille keyboard works

Those who are familiar with the Braille alphabet can already guess how the virtual keyboard will work. The feature marks six big areas on the user’s screen, and tapping them in different combinations can make certain letters, characters, and numbers from the Braille alphabet.

Google explains it clear in a blog post: “It uses a standard six-key layout and each key represents one of 6 braille dots which, when tapped, make any letter or symbol. To type an “A” you would press dot 1 and to type a “B,” dots 1 and 2 together.” It will be interesting to see what Google prepares next for its users, as it seems like there’s no such thing as less important users for the giant tech company from Mountain View.


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