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Google Updated Its Browser to Notify Users if Search Results are not Good

Google has now announced that it has implemented a new feature to its search function that is supposed to help users to know when the suggested search results are not good. In many instances, when taking it to Google to find something, searching online has become a rather reflexive behavior, and the results often do not provide the answers we look for.

There are times, therefore, when the search form, which we type, is not the best in order to get an answer. At times, we even get no results. So, to help with this, Google has decided to update the search function to show a message that notifies the user of a proper way to formulate the quest.

If the result reveals that the findings are not good enough for a certain search term, Google will now display a notification: “Looks like there’s no great match for your search.” The new update will let users know that their search term was not conceptual. They can then choose not to add more and more words for a better search result.

Easier to Get Valuable Results

Users will be able to browse the search results if they desire; Google will also show some alternative search options together with tips on how to enhance the wording in order to quickly find the information you need.

The company stated that this notification wouldn’t appear that often but when it does pop up, they reportedly show it to save the user some time. Google also took some measures in order to help people during the current global crisis. The company has designed an SOS alert and search result pages with information provided by the World Health Organization (WHO). The searches include data such as security tips, news updates, as well as SOS alert cards.

When a user searches for news related to COVID-19, they will first see an SOS alert white card with a share button. Then, the latest news updates regarding the search will appear, followed by some safety tips, Q&As, and more information on the subject.


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