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Google to Release Video Zooming Feature for Google Photos

Android-powered devices owners already know that Google Photos is a default app that is now quite popular among people. The app acts as a library, a built-in application that’s offering a lot of features most apps similar to it do not have.

Google is regularly updating the app with new features in order to improve its capacities and user experience. Some of the most amazing attires provided by Google Photos to its users are the automatic facial tagging, and the ability to transfer photos via messages. Even so, there are a bunch of features the app is still lacking. Above all, people also reported they wish the app would allow them to zoom in on videos.

It now appears that Google has finally settled to tackle this request as well. The tech giant is allegedly going to launch a new update for Google Photos that is coming with the video zooming ability for mobile phones.

Video Zooming Feature Is Being Tested

The Google Photos 4.33 version is already accessible in the app but as a hidden option. As soon as the tech giant activates it, users will be able to turn it on manually on their smartphone. The video zoom feature functions exactly as it does with images. This means that you will then be able to zoom in or out videos in the app by utilizing pinch gestures.

We should also mention that the option is already available for iPhone users, as it was implemented in the iOS Photos app a while ago. This is, obviously, a significant enhancement for Android users who were requesting this functionality. The upcoming feature would be of help in situations when you want to focus on a particular object or person in a video.

Until now, Google has not unveiled any information regarding the period in which the functionality will be activated within Google Photos. It appears, however, that the feature is already prepared for release, and will roll out pretty soon. In addition, it is most likely that the video zoom feature will first be available to a bunch of users.


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